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Line interactive UPS 0.5 - 3 KVA

The Standby Line Interactive UPS Systems from Uniline are Economical Datasaver and Manufactured with the Latest Power Conversion Techniques. Employed with excellent Line Filtering Devices PWM Technology used for Power Conversion with its Unique Single Transformer arrangement permits Lowest change over time, Greater System Efficiency, Compact Size and High Reliability. Indeed, an Intelligent 4-in-1 standby UPS is just perfect for PCS, Pentium, Micro and Mini Computers, Peripherals, Biomedical Equipments etc

  • Very Wide Input Range.
  • Cold Start Facility can be started during Power failure.
  • Input Filters for Line Noise and Spikes
  • Overload, Short Circuit Protection
  • RS 232 C Interface saves Data on Most Operative System. (Optional)