Greenline – 2KVA/3KVA

The Green Line Series is the mighty turbo in the single phase ONLINE family of uninterruptible power supplies by UNILINE Energy. The Green Line Series provides reliable & dependable protection to high-end applications and is extensively equipped to master all eventualities & contingencies

True on-line double conversion IGBT based (Rectifier & Inverter) technology with Integrated Static Bypass mechanism. In normal operation, the Green Line Series converts the mains AC voltage into DC voltage which supplies a battery and an inverter with energy. The inverter generates a sine wave AC voltage which is permanently available at the output. If and when power problems strike, the battery delivers the required power to the inverter. The additional Bypass system integrated into the UPS device guarantees an unprecedented level of power supply security. In overload conditions the Bypass system automatically switches mains power directly through to the user. The module design improves reliability of the UPS, also simplifies service maintenance


  • Pure sine wave output
  • LCD display design
  • Microprocessor DSP control guarantees high reliability
  • Adopting high frequency full bridge topology for high steady performance
  • Terminal block for output connection at the back of UPS
  • Selectable various output range and operating mode
  • Cold start function
  • Inbuilt static bypass enhance better protection for critical load
  • Built-in dry contact RS-232/EPO communication port
  • SNMP (V1/V2) allows for web-based remote or monitoring management (Optional)
  • RS / USB communication port (Optional)
  • Enable to extend runtime with scalable external battery pack
  • Overload, short-circuit, and overheat protection
  • Generator Compatibility
  • Compact size with high overall efficiency
  • Isolation Transformer (Optional)

2000/3000 VA / 1600/2400W

Input Normal Voltage

230V AC

Input Voltage Range

110V to 300V

Input Frequency

50 Hz +/- 3%

Output Voltage

220/230/240V AC(+/-1%)



Output Frequency

50 Hz +/- 0.1%(free run mode)

Output Waveform

Pure Sinewave

Crest Factor


Battery Backup Time

Dependent on the capacity of Batteries

Interface Ports

RS232 + USB (Optional)

Transfer Time Typical

0 ms (Normal mode to Battery mode), 4ms (Inverter mode to Bypass mode),


Load Level, Battery Level, AC Mode, Battery Mode, Bypass Mode and Fault Indicators

Audible Alarm

Actively Audible Alarm for Utility Failed / Battery Low / Overload Condition

Operating Temperature

0-40 °C

Relative Humidity

0~95% Humidity, Non-Condensing

  • Commercial
  • Infrastructure
  • Commercial
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