Uniline Installs 30,000 CCTV

Uniline Installs 30,000 CCTV

In the wake of Delhi Government strengthening security the Delhi based private sector major UNILINE, leader in the UPS equipment has decided to diversify its line of business activities and has entered in a big way in the manufacturing of internationally standardized integrated “Ingress Protection 55” boxes for the installation of Close Circuit Televisions in Delhi.

Talking to newsmen UNILINE’s MD – Mr RK Bansal disclosed that they would be supplying 30,000 units of such IP 55 boxes to the Delhi Government for the installation of CCTV cameras in a bid to further strengthen the Law and order system and the machinery in Delhi.

He said once it will in full operation it would act as big shield for the protection of Ladies in Delhi as it is expected to substantially enhance the security of Women.

These boxes would be made from highly specialized galvanized steel sheets which are resistant to all weather conditions.

Bansal claimed that these boxes are designed and made to be dust free, rust free and they would also be equipped with automatic temperature control systems and cooling fans. He said the moment there would be any rise in temperature the fans would automatically start functioning till the temperature is normalized.

He revealed that another important feature is that though these boxes will face the rains but no water will be able to seep inside as it wud be water resistant.


The entire project is expected to be completed by early March 2020.

The entire project cost of these 30,000 IP 55 boxes were estimated at Rs 15 Crores,
Bansal added.

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